A lot of published work in well-renowned journals is the basis of the spin-off company. Here are just a few of these publications listed showing activities relevant for the development and properties of ultra-thin zeolite membranes:

1. Journal of Membrane Science 

Permporometry Analysis of Zeolite Membranes, Journal of Membrane Science 345 (2009) 276-287.

2. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 

Adsorption of n-hexane and p-xylene in thin Silicalite-1 films studied by FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (2008) 7717-7724.

3. Journal of Membrane Science 

Mass Transport in Porous Media from First Principles: An Experimental and Theoretical Study, Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 415-416 (2012) 271-277.

4. Journal of Membrane Science 

Very High Flux MFI Membranes for CO 2 Separation, Journal of Membrane Science 380 (2011) 232-240.

5. Journal of Membrane Science 

High Flux Zeolite X Membranes, Journal of Membranes Science 345 (2009) 276-287.

6. Journal of Membrane Science 

Characterization of Flow-through Micropores in MFI Membranes by Permporometry, Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 417-418 (2012) 183-192.

7. Journal of Membrane Science 

Maxwell-Stefan modeling of high flux tubular silicalite-1 membranes for CO 2 removal from CO 2 /H 2 gas mixtures, Journal of Membrane Science 471 (2014) 328-337.

8. Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Highly permeable CHA membranes prepared by fluoride synthesis for efficient CO2/CH4 separation, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6, 6847-6853.